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I'm awesome - no really I am. Someone told me only this morning.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017
authentic newsletters northampton

Apparently I'm awesome.
No - really.  I must be.
Well, at least that's what some clever marketing whizzo thinks.

I've rarely felt so insulted.
I signed up for a trial version of a Keyword Search Tool, only to be greeted with a newsletter beginning 'Hi. You're awesome.'

Am I the only one to find such presumptiousness a toe-curling turn-off?
I suspect not.
The lesson is, of course, if you want to engage with a new client - be straightforward. Be genuine. Be authentic.
Try, 'Hi. We're so pleased you've chosen a trial version of our ...'

I'd have been truly impressed if this morning's email had opened with,
'Hi! You're a middle-aged, insecure, neurotic, workaholic, crusty old curmudgeon.'

I'd have signed up for life.

What about you?

Are you awesome?


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