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'I want to tell you a story'

So said Max Bygraves.  Story telling techniques can really bring your copy alive.
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Saturday, December 23, 2017
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Congratulations!  You've made it to Copywriting Tip No.23 of 24.  For today's tip,  I'm cheating.  I'm presenting you with a bundled of all the previous tips.  22 mini-morsels of word magic to help keep your blog, your web copy, newsletters, sales letters - engaging and effective.  There are no guarantees that, by using these techniques, you'll be flooded with hundreds of new enquiries.  But you will be giving yourself a far better chance of engaging effectively.  But what's this?  What's happened to tip no.24.  Well for that, you must be patient and check in tomorrow.


Copywriting Tip (with link to the full article in italics)



Cut, cut and cut again Be merciless in hunting down those unnecessary words and disposing of them.

Be utterly ruthless.  Cut out absolutely every single word.


Vary your sentence length.  Short ones are good but throwing in the occasional longer one works best.

"The best fruit and vegetables? Perfect products? That's Hortex - Poland's number one supplier of frozen foods and drinks."


Avoid weak words such as 'very'.  There's always a better way.

very angry - furious
very good - superb
very large - colossal


Put the 'why' before the 'what'.  Benefits first - features second

Benefits - Save your back with our lightweight vacuum cleaner
Features - Our vacuum cleaner weighs in at just 11 lbs.


Use bulleted lists


  • They help focus your readers' attention

  • They look cool


SEO - such a big deal?

Yes - there are back-office techniques that can help.  But what's most effective is copy that's relevant and constantly evolving; that both attracts and keeps visitors on your site, moving from page to page.


Use repetition - the Rule of Three

It looks good, it tastes good and, by golly it does you good!


Don't write - speak!

Write as though you're chatting across the kitchen table over a cup of coffee.


Break the rules of grammar - but do so care

Strictly speaking, this is correct - "London is the city from where he comes."  But get real!  Say, "London is the city he comes from."


Be bold - You want something?  Ask for it.

Don't write - "If you'd like to place an order, then please click here."
Try - "Order yours today!  Click here."


Proofreading tips

  • Wait 24 hours before re-checking

  • Proofread from a printed version - not from your screen

  • Read out loud

  • Start with the last sentence, then the next-to-last etc


Be yourself.

Engage your clients by writing from the heart.  Let your personality shine through


Write to and for your reader

Not "we're excited to tell you about our new didgery-doo-da"
but "Our didgery-doo-da will reduce your whojermerflips, whilst improving your thingermejigs"


Words matter

Good copy is often undervalued.  On a website, the graphics initially attract the visitor.  But it's the words that do the heavy lifting.  Don't overlook them.


Cut out the hype

Kill off the overblown exaggerations.  Be straightforward.  Be yourself.


Size matters - short words are best

Not 'inform' - but 'tell'
not 'commence' - but 'start'
not 'remunerate' but 'pay'


Space matters too

Frequent spacing will make your copy more attractive to read.


Cliches - avoid them like the plague

See left ;-)


Write for your target audience ...

... their world and their needs.


End with your punchline

Not - Call today to find out more
but - To find out more, call today.


Cut out the flowery language

Your readers don't want to read a high-falutin' novel.  They want to know 1. what you offer and 2. whether it fits in with their needs.  That's it.


Tell it like a story

Not The Rolls Royce is the quietest car I've ever driven.
but At 60 mph, the loudest noise in the Silver Shadow comes from the electric clock.

One more tip tomorrow - your surprise Christmas bonus!

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