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Words - The Blog

This section of Copywriter Pro is the interactive bit – the blog.

I’ll be filling it with tidy titbits and helpful hints from the world of Copywriting – anything from ‘How To Work Out That Killer Headline’ to ‘5 Business Letter Mistakes To Avoid’.

All posts are organised in Categories – they’re all on the right, so you can pick through the topics that interest you.

But Words is about more than imparting pearls of wisdom. There’s also an element of fun to it. You’ll also find a Category called Flotsam and Jetsam, with an assortment of Quotes, Poems, Puzzles, Articles and Games – all based around the theme of Words. Essentially, it’s our verbal playground. Do join us!

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Advent Calendar Copywriting Tip #7

Once upon a time, there lived a young, ambitious, better-than-averagely-good-looking politician.

One day he stood up in front his audience and promised, “When I become Prime Minister my 3 main priorities will be education, education, education”.

Advent Calendar Copywriting Tip #6

SEO.  What’s the big deal?

The term SEO was first coined by one Jason Gambert, back in 1995.
He describes SEO as a process.
The process of engineering a website so that it appears as high as
possible in the search engines,
for specific key words or phrases.
Success with SEO means more website visitors.
Something we all want.


Advent Calendar Copywriting Tip #5

copywriting northampton bedford milton keynes leicester

What’s so great about bullet points?

✓ They’re wonderful
✓ They look cool
✓ Go on - admit it - you love ‘em
✓ Use them wisely and well … and your readers will love you too

The two main aims of a bullet point are to

(i)  make your words easier to read
(ii) allow you to highlight important points

Advent Calendar Copywriting Tip #4

Putting the ‘why’ before the ‘what’

Yes - it’s that old chestnut - The Tweedledum and Tweedledee of commercial copywriting,
features and benefits.

I can hear the collective groan - “Oh not that one!  Everyone knows the difference.”

But do they?
If so, some have a funny way of showing it.

Only the other day, I was looking for paintbrushes.
I found some on a famous DIY website and this is what they told me -  

Advent Calendar Copywriting Tip #3

There’s a word - a very short one that I dislike more than any other.  It’s a very dull word, a very boring and very lazy word.  This word is a killjoy, falling very heavily, like a very old, very grey, very damp blanket over our words, smothering the very spark and very life out of them.  This word is very irritating and very useless.  Why?  Because, like my kids as teenagers, it does the very opposite of what it’s supposed to do.

Advent Calendar Copywriting Tip #2

Take your readers for a spin on the dance floor

It won't have escaped your notice that I'm forever going on about brevity - the importance of using short words, short paragraphs, short sentences …
... but wait just a minute.
Is small always beautiful?
Look what happens if your sentences become relentlessly punchy.

Advent Calendar Copywriting Tip #1

Cut, cut and cut again

When you write copy, be utterly ruthless.
Check all of the words and ask yourself the question –
“Am I absolutely sure they all ultimately need to be included?”
Your writing should always comprise the actual basic fundamentals.
The end result will be completely concise copy that
engages really effectively with your clients.
52 words

To put it another way –

Be bloody, bold and resolute!

northampton copywriter

Sometimes when we write, we’re inclined to be a little timid -

For example,

1. If you’d like to place an order, fill in this form.
2. We can deliver your consignment the following day.

3. If you’d like to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Aren’t these just too polite, almost deferential?

Let’s be confident.  After all, confidence is an attractive quality and we all want our goods or services to be attractive, don’t we?

I'm awesome - no really I am. Someone told me only this morning.

authentic newsletters northampton

Apparently I'm awesome.
No - really.  I must be.
Well, at least that's what some clever marketing whizzo thinks.

I've rarely felt so insulted.
I signed up for a trial version of a Keyword Search Tool, only to be greeted with a newsletter beginning 'Hi. You're awesome.'

So you think you know what matters to your potential customers?

web content

Take a look at these survey results …
and maybe think again about how you structure your website

I’ve just completed a survey.  You might find the results interesting.  In fact, they might make you take a second look at how you prioritise your website pages.


OK - it’s a small sample; just my own database - but the response rate was pretty good - 27%.

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