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Copywriting Tip #13

Make your sentences pack a punch.
Don’t write -
“Give us a call to find out more”
Swap it round -
“To find out more, give us a call”


Words - The Blog

This section of Copywriter Pro is the interactive bit – the blog.

I’ll be filling it with tidy titbits and helpful hints from the world of Copywriting – anything from ‘How To Work Out That Killer Headline’ to ‘5 Business Letter Mistakes To Avoid’.

All posts are organised in Categories – they’re all on the right, so you can pick through the topics that interest you.

But Words is about more than imparting pearls of wisdom. There’s also an element of fun to it. You’ll also find a Category called Flotsam and Jetsam, with an assortment of Quotes, Poems, Puzzles, Articles and Games – all based around the theme of Words. Essentially, it’s our verbal playground. Do join us!

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My favourite word

northampton business letters

What's you favourite word?
Before you tell me, here's mine.

Firstly, why is it my favourite word? Well, It has three letters - 3 is a great number. Second, my word spells the same backwards as forwards - so it looks pretty.

Is Usain Bolt really the King of pace?

writing tips northampton

He certainly knows a bit about going flat out, but when we're writing, isn’t pace more subtle than that?

You’ll have noticed that I’m always banging on about the virtues of keeping things short.  Short words, short paragraphs, short sentences … but hang on a minute.  Does this always have to be the case?  Look what happens if your sentences become unrelentingly punchy.

Keeping it simple

northampton business writer

“Look – I’m a technician.  I haven’t a clue about words.  It’s your job is to come up with all the flowery language.”

These were the words of Bob, my lovely new client.

Once I’d stopped chuckling, I had to let Bob down gently and remind him, that of the many services offered by Copywriter Pro, being the purveyor of ‘flowery language’ definitely isn’t one.


Did King Lear get it right?

northampton copywriter

Shakespeare's half-demented, disillusioned King Lear, once intoned threateningly, "Nothing will come from nothing!".  Was he right?

I guess he probably wasn't referring to the art of effective business writing.  But if, by chance, he was, then he was surely way off the mark.

Because, in all kinds of business writing, plenty will definitely come from nothing.


5 mistakes lawyers make

5 mistakes lawyers make when

writing client or marketing copy



1. An impression of arrogance
2. Excessively formal use of language
3. Not enough thought about the reader and her/his concerns
4. Too many long words and sentences
5. Not enough spaces and sub-headlines


write newsletters northampton

Let me tell you about Sean.
He's a landscape gardener, local to Northampton.

I first met him a while back at a Networking Breakfast.
He immediately struck me as a nice chap, attentive and courteous in every way.

He even had the good grace to listen to my unfunny anecdotes.
Sean dutifully introduced me to the other members of the group, making sure I wasn’t last in the queue for breakfast.

Size Matters ...

... but not always in the way you might expect

Welcome to tip No. 2  from your Friendly Copywriter...


Was it Winnie The Pooh who once said -
"It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like 'What about lunch?'"

Imagine the scene -
You’re writing a Sales Letter, promoting your latest widget. So – what’s the most important thing?
'Being professional?'
Well that's arguable ...
but tell us what you mean by 'professional'.

Proofreading Perfection - just a pipe-dream?

proofreading northampton proofreader

Welcome to tip No. 1  from your Friendly Copywriter.

Read on or, if you prefer,
click here for the video version.


Don't you just hate it?
the art of the impossible.
18 months ago, I produced our very first Copywriter Pro leaflet.  The design was great Thank you Mark Coster from Pixooma.  The print quality was the best (fine work, The Braunston Family from Braunston Print).
OK - enough plugs for these wonderful people.

I'm the grammar snob about whom your mother warned you

grammar northampton copywriter

Her's a great video - http://bit.ly/1MHkkCa
At Copywriter Pro, we agree with every word that Mona Chalabi says.
Yes- we love grammar, it's true.  We've spent half a lifetime studying it, enjoying it, arguing about it and hopefully, putting it to good and commercially effective use.
But does this make us grammar snobs?

Have you received yours yet?

#‎ShouldveGoneToCopywriterPro‬ No. 12

So - have you got yours yet? You know ... your tax-payer sponsored leaflet sent to you by HM Government?
What do you think of it? Between you and me, I haven't got past the front cover. I'm still reeling from what is surely one of the poorest headlines ever composed.

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