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Copywriting Tip #13

Make your sentences pack a punch.
Don’t write -
“Give us a call to find out more”
Swap it round -
“To find out more, give us a call”



Learn to write great copy ... for yourself

I offer a series of workshops on the art of producing great copy

Titles include -

  • Make Every Email Count - click for details of next workshop - Friday October 27th
    Use your everyday emails to build your relationships and boost your brand
  • Make Every Web Word Count
    Learn how to write for your website - using words that are clear, concise and compelling
  • Make Every Press Release Count
    write and distribute the perfect press release
  • Make Every Case Study Count
    learn to produce cracking case studies to help you seal the deal

These workshops regularly take place in Northampton.
But I'll also come to your business and carry out the workshops in-house

Find out more about cracking copywriting workshops
Call today - 01604 378495

We write Words -
Words for Websites, Newsletters, Social Media.
If your words are online, we'll write them.

Business Cards, Business Letters, Sales Letters, Direct Mail, Flyers, Leaflets, Catalogues, Brochures, Presentation Folders

Copy for Lawyers, Accountants, Estate Agents, Recruiters, Builders, Retailers, Manufacturers … and Copy for You!

Great offer for Start Ups. Click here to read about our 3-in-1 pack for Start-Up businesses – for less than £400